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Visit the South of France in 2021!

Start planning a visit to the South of France 2021!

In terms of the best time to visit the South of France, avoid late November through to January because although you still have glorious blue skies, during the evenings the temperature can drop. It is certainly not as you imagine and if the wind picks up it can feel quite cold. You do still get the odd warm day, where temperatures can hit 20°C/70°F, but the average day time temperature is around 14-15°C/60°F.


My favourite time is April and May and then September and October. Basically from May through to September you can usually guarantee good weather. June is usually very pleasant up in the late 70F's/mid 20C's. In July and August you can expect to get many days around 90F/30C. A peculiar thing happens in mid-August. You sometimes get some summer showers that last a few days - it is something to do with the warm air from the South and the Sea.


Anyway, here is a list of some great places to visit in the South of France during 2021. This should provide you with a decent idea of where to go in South France:


The French coastal city of Cannes is always associated with its celebrated film festival which has been running continuously for 70 years. The 2021 Cannes film festival will be held from 11-22 May 2021. You might think that once the swarm of Actors, Producers and Paparazzi have left town, that Cannes will return to normal. But there is no real 'normal' time for Cannes.


There is actually more going on in Cannes than just the the red carpet. The city holds 12 important events and conferences throughout the year including the International TV and media festival MIPTV, an international property show called MIDEM, various fashion and shopping events, as well as a number of major sport festivals and regattas. In fact there is not a month goes by when the City is not preparing for the next big event.


Although Cannes does not have it's own airport (Nice Cote d'Azur airport is only 30 kms away), it is definitely a destination I would head to in South France. Cannes has a beautiful central boulevard (Le Croisette) which bends around the Bay, it is a great centre for shopping and it has a number of good beaches.


Also on the coastline surrounding Cannes you will find some delightful places to stay, such as Antibes, Theoule-sur-Mer and Mandelieu La Napoule (see Cannes rentals for selection of accommodation).


But for me, the beauty of Cannes is to just mooch about the Old Town, waling along the beach front and just gazing out at the horizon over the wonderful bay area.




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